Welcome Winter

It’s late December and, without snow, it’s difficult to feel like winter is here but the solstice has come and gone.  Even though it’s getting colder, our days are getting longer and more light is gradually working it’s way back into our lives.  At this time of the year, I am reminded of the transient nature of my surroundings and of myself.  Just when I am feeling “rooted” in my life,  something shifts and I am left to adjust with the consequences of that change.  Whether positive or negative, life is always shifting and we are always adjusting.  Sometimes we are stepping into the dark and, at other times, we are welcoming in more light.  Understanding and accepting the transient nature of our lives helps us to prepare and cope with the changes it throws our way.  Nature has a cycle.  We have cycles of our own and, as we cultivate an attitude of resilience and everyday tools to support us through change, we will equip ourselves to graciously flow through the seasons of our lives.  May we meet the challenges of 2016 with a growing acceptance and compassion that moves us toward greater peace and prosperity for ourselves and the world.

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