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Cultivating Calm & Joy in Uncertain Times:                                     A Weekly Virtual Mindfulness Skills & Support Group

Learn to Meditate & Apply Mindfulness Skills to Navigate Challenging Emotion

& Better Cope with Stress, Anxiety & Change

Times to be determined for this fall – stay tuned!                              

Feb 3/4 – March 24/25 (8 weeks)                              Fee:  $199 for 8 weeks

Mindfulness continues to prove effective in managing anxiety, depression, and stress.  Everyday life, coupled with the global pandemic, has created an atmosphere of uncertainty, elevated stress and unforeseen challenge.  If there was ever a time we needed a supportive mindfulness community, it is now.      

Join this supportive group and experience the benefits of mindfulness.  We will begin with a meditation practice followed by a brief check-in.  We will discuss common challenges, key mindfulness teachings, and how we might apply mindfulness to improve our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

The power of mindfulness is in knowing what is happening when it’s happening. This awareness enables us to pause, step out of old habits and build new responses.  These new responses can create the positive change we seek.

Please note that this is a skill building and support group and not a therapy group.  You will be provided with information, resources, guidance, and support to learn and practice mindfulness and mindfulness meditation.  Please contact Michele Cadotte RP at with your questions or to register for this program which is limited to 12 participants.

MBCT programs available: here

Mindfulness: “It’s the moment when you look at a sunset, and before judging that it’s a sunset, you simply understand that it’s beautiful.” 

Liz Frost

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