The gift of summer!

Summer is a great gift because of the time we can spend outdoors.  The emotional benefits of being in nature are a source of much discussion these days.  Research is revealing more about the positive effects of spending time outside.  Schools where students have access to green spaces have fewer episodes of bullying and “behaviour issues”.  Being in nature for a period of time can also have the same positive effects on our mood as certain medications. This is certainly no surprise to those of us who regularly experience the joys of being outdoors.  The simple act of going for a walk in nature has tremendous power to raise our spirits and put us back in a better place when we are feeling stressed.  Summer is short.  Go for a walk.  Get out and enjoy it.  Take advantage of the gift that is summer.  If you interested in the relationship between our health and nature, you may wish to consult the work of Richard Louv.  His latest book The Nature Principle is a great read!

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