Nourishing Places

There are some places we go which simply make us feel better. I always experience this in nature but I can also feel more at home in certain locations than others. Recently, I spent 5 days in the Killarney area and left feeling recharged by its natural surroundings and its people. The leaves were starting to turn, I saw 2 black bears, the hikes took me to spectacular vistas, the local folks were welcoming and friendly and the rhythms of paddling the park’s many lakes soothed me. Now, back at home, I ask myself how I can create more of these feelings in my daily life? What activities recharge me and how can I make room for them in my daily routine? This question brings me back to what it means to embrace intentional living. Life can be so full and so fast that it’s challenging to take the time for the activities which nurture us BUT it’s so important that we schedule them in! As I create my new “fall schedule” may I be mindful to be intentional about my life; to make space for what really matters to me and what sustains my physical, emotional and mental health. How do I really want to live this precious life? Do I spend my time in a way that honours how I truly want to live? Do I engage in activities that sustain me and allow me to live with intention? I’m working on my new schedule and I’m creating more time for what matters the most. Good luck with yours!

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