(Happy ?) Holidays

What would really make your holiday a happy one?  We put so much emphasis on the word “happy” but do we ever take the time to reflect on what that really looks like for us in our everyday life?  Many of us feel as though we should be happy all of the time and, if we are not, that there is something wrong with us or our situation in life.  However, emotions come and go; we are never always angry, sad, frustrated or any other feeling ALL of the time so…. is it realistic to believe that we should feel happy all of time?  Instead, let’s ask ourselves the “what would make me more content in my life today”?  What is one activity or practice that I could add to my life now that would help me to live more in line with my personal values and goals?  A short morning walk?  Lighting a candle for dinner?  Hugging my partner before I leave the house each morning?  They say that we don’t create new habits but rather we replace our old habits (which no longer serve us) with ones that serve us better. Over the holidays and in the new year, what are you going to let go of and what new habit is going to find its way into your life? Change is possible – value driven and one small step at a time!

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