Cope Better During COVID

During challenging times, focusing on building greater resilience (ability to bounce back) can be very helpful. Life is throwing a huge curve at us right now. How do we work with the changes, grow in new ways and become stronger people for ourselves, our families, and our communities?

In his book A Handbook for Happiness Dr. Amit Sood, lists 5 key components of resilience – gratitude, acceptance, compassion, meaning and forgiveness. These days, it could be helpful to intentionally cultivate one or more of these in greater ways. If you are resisting/denying the reality of COVID-19, maybe finding greater acceptance of the current situation could help you to struggle (and maybe suffer) less? (Please see my last post for more information about practicing acceptance.) Perhaps stopping for a few minutes each day to be grateful for what is going well right now rather than what is not? Maybe putting your hand on your heart and offering yourself a compassionate message will help you find some comfort? Even finding ways of supporting others in your family & community could offer opportunities to create greater meaning out of the situation?

Above all, I invite you to be adopt a position of curiosity and flexibility.

If we are to cope well, we will need to see things through new eyes and we will need to embrace new ways of doings things. These are uncertain times and developing our resiliency can only support us to get through this pandemic in the best way possible. We are resilient people and we CAN become even more resilient together. Our world will only benefit.

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