Youth Resiliency Groups for children 8 to 13 years     

CREATIVE & STRONG:  Building Resilience (for All)                                      through Mindfulness & the Arts


This group will provide an opportunity for your child to:

  • explore resiliency skills through movement, creative writing, visual art, drama, and yoga activities suitable for all.
  • develop greater self- awareness, balanced mood, and overall wellness by learning mindfulness techniques.
  • experience a supportive and creative community based on acceptance and shared experiences.
  • reduce stress, learn and apply skills which support personal and academic success.
  • participate, according to her/his level of comfort, in individual and group activities with the goal of developing a personalized resiliency plan.
  • connect with others and have fun!

Dates & Location: to be determined / after school once per week      (8 week program with ongoing support sessions as needed)

The group’s co-counsellor, Erica Tessier (B.Ed.) is an experienced educator and drama instructor with a long list of successful  youth productions to her credit.  Her years of work supporting youth with anxiety and depression has made a difference in many lives.

Please email Michele at for more details.

BE YOUR OWN CAREER COACH AND DESIGN YOUR LIFE – FOR NOW!    (secondary school seniors or young adults in transition)

Living in an information rich society allows us to be exposed to many new things, including possible career options, but self knowledge is the key element in establishing appropriate and meaningful education and job related goals.  A greater understanding of individual values, interests, and skills allows us to follow our heart and engage in the ongoing learning which is necessary to adapt to a challenging and constantly changing world of work.  Building on their current set of life experiences, support systems, and evolving knowledge of the labour market, participants become more able to chart the “best course” through greater personal clarity of purpose and by adopting a flexible approach to the life planning.  Through greater self-knowledge and a more open and creative response to the future, options and possibilities naturally arise.

Dates & Location: to be determined  / after school once per week OR one evening per week

(*Parent(s) are requested to attend the first meeting of this 5 week program with their teen.)

I appreciate your interest.  Please contact me for further information and/or to be placed on the waiting list.

The obstacle is the way. Mars

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