Generally speaking, coaching is focused on the present and the future and not on the past. Coaching is also limited in its scope; more serious, deeper issues generally require therapy that is part of a supportive relationship with a trained and qualified psychotherapist.
The coaching relationship works on defining specific goals, generating a plan which uses the client’s skills, holding the client accountable for progress, and providing structure, encouragement and ongoing support. Clients are the experts on their own lives. Through coaching, clients learn how to identify and overcome obstacles, draw on personal strengths, challenge themselves, build new skills, and work with their “growing edge” as they take the necessary steps forward to fulfill their personal vision and excel in other areas of their lives.
In the coaching relationship, there is an initial commitment of 3 months (with weekly telephone coaching calls and/or on-line support) and, afterwards, ongoing coaching is provided for a mutually agreed upon period of time according to the client’s individual needs.

Therapy is about uncovering and recovering, while coaching is about discovering.                  Patrick Williams



Are you ready for change?

Have you set lifestyle goals for yourself only to become discouraged when they were not fulfilled? Are you struggling to achieve a work-life-family balance and to find time for yourself? Do you feel you have tried many different approaches and not experienced the success you desire?
If so…

You are not unlike many people living a fast paced life who find it difficult to make their health and well-being priorities. Making a successful lifestyle change requires a strong commitment and the right type of support.

Once you truly commit to making a change in your life, you have taken the first important step. Partnering with a trained coach will provide the support that you need to overcome your obstacles to change AND to keep you on track as you develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Empowered by timely information and encouragement, everyone can be successful in becoming the person they want to be!

Coaching Fees:  Coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone. 30 minute sessions occur weekly with an initial commitment of 3 months. The cost per month is $180 (or $50 per session after initial 3 months).

A future in which life coaches and professional counsellors can learn to coexist and collaborate is best for both professions — and their clients.                                          Counseling Today, December, 2008

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